Liquore Strega

Consumer information

Capacity 50ml

contains 1,7 portions of 30ml

Capacity 500ml

contains 16.7 portions of 30ml

Capacity 700ml

contains 23.3 portions of 30 ml

Capacity 1000ml

contains 33.3 portions of 30ml

Food name:

Belongs to the category of the spirits

The extraction of aromatic fractions through the process of hydroalcoholic distillation of aromatic spices.

Hydroalcoholic herbal distillates (ethyl alcohol, water, aromatic spices), water, sugar, saffron infusion.

Ethyl alcohol is a neutral alcohol obtained from the distillation, after the fermentation from the raw material. The botanic origin of the ethyl alcohol is grain.

Purification processes exclude the presence of gluten which is considered lower than 20 mg/kg.

The quantity of gluten is lower than as prescribed by the Italian Celiac Association (AIC).

Sweetening is carried out by using refined beet sugar of first category from EEC.

The typical yellow color is obtained by the saffron infusion.